Connect your titrator to the ethernet - METTLER TOLEDO

Connect your titrator to the ethernet

Ethernet and TCP/IP have become standards in the factory network infrastructure. So why not take advantage of it to connect your METTLER TOLEDO titrators and balances?

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e-Link box
The e-Link interface supports METTLER TOLEDO instruments with serial interfaces. E.g., e-Link allows the connection of DL5x, DL7x and DL38/31 titrators to LabX over a standard ethernet connection. It is therefore possible to collect data from a titrator in the factory without the need for a PC in the factory.

Easy installation
e-Link is connected with a serial cable to the instrument and with a standard RJ45 cable to the ethernet. After defining an IP adress for the e-Link (and therefore for the attached instrument), the ebox can be controlled over a web browser based utility built into the box. The connection to LabX titration or LabX balance is easily achieved by defining a networked instrument on any PC of the LabX network.

Of course, our instrument and installation specialists will be happy to support you with the integration of your instruments into the network.

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