Press Release | New Virtual Pharma Factory Tours

Press Release: New Virtual Pharma Factory Tours

Virtual factory tours highlight risks and solutions for improving pharma / biopharma product safety

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection is launching new personalized virtual factory tours that will help pharma and biopharma manufacturers to improve quality assurance, regulatory compliance and improved consumer safety standards.

The product inspection technologies on display during the virtual tours are designed to detect contaminants and ensure high standards of quality in pharma products including track and trace and serialization. They therefore help to protect consumers and patients and enable pharma and biopharma manufacturers to reduce the risks of experiencing product recalls, factory closures, fines from regulators, loss of business and brand reputation. 

Pharma and biopharma manufacturers can engage with METTLER TOLEDO experts on their virtual tour, taking the opportunity to discuss individual manufacturing issues and pain points, and the impact that product inspection can make in solving such issues.

There are tours dedicated to pharmaceutical (solid) and biopharma (liquid) drug applications. Visitors will be guided through virtual factories, from preparation to packaging. Within these virtual environments, they will see solutions presented for physical contaminant detection (i.e. metal contaminants), fill level control, label and completeness checks, and serialization and aggregation.

Miriam Krechlok, Pharma Marketing Expert for METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Division said: “These personalized virtual tours are focused on presenting real-life product inspection solutions to the real-life challenges that pharma and biopharma manufacturers face. Quality and safety standards don’t just protect the consumer – they serve to protect manufacturers too, and with these cutting-edge product inspection solutions, they can make sure they remain in full compliance with increasingly demanding legislation.”


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