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Easy Quality Control of Lubricants, Oils and Process Chemicals

Density and refractive index measurements of lubricants, oils or process chemicals are common methods to prove that specifications are met. The days of manual determinations with pycnometers and optical refractometers are in the past. METTLER TOLEDO’s digital instruments determine the required units of measure simply and accurately with One Click™.

The range of LiquiPhysics™ Excellence digital Density Meters and Refractometers is the ideal solution for a large variety of products. The instruments are characterized by high accuracy, long term reliability and an incomparable ease of use. Thanks to the innovative One Click™ user interface with individual shortcuts, an operator simply clicks on the type of product to be examined. The measurements are carried out with ideal settings and the results are automatically compared with correct target values and limits. No method to select, no settings to change, no results to judge and, therefore, no errors! Most measuring errors due to air bubbles, remaining rinsing liquids, faulty adjustments and solid particles are eliminated. Comprehensive test and error detection capabilities automatically detect such errors and warn operators accordingly.

Increase Convenience and Efficiency
The powerful SC automation units for a single sample or a sample series increase efficiency and provide a maximum ease of use to the density or refractive index determination. This keeps the operator’s hands free for other tasks and prevents handling errors to ensure consistent results. The automation units are also available as heated versions suitable for performing density measurements on samples which are solid at ambient temperature, such as paraffins etc..
With LiquiPhysics™ Excellence, density and refractive index can be combined and measured in a single run. The systems can also be flexibly upgraded to measure pH, conductivity and color simultaneously.
For instance, measuring density at 15 °C, refractive index at 20 °C and ASTM color of lubricants is a matter of one single click.
A LiquiPhysics™ Excellence Density Meter or Refractometer can be simply upgraded anytime with an automation unit or be expanded into a multi-parameter measurement system.

Worldwide Service and Support
METTLER TOLEDO’s service products provide the necessary security to ensure that LiquiPhysics™ Excellence systems are installed and qualified according to the quality standards appropriate for individual products worldwide. Make the smart decision and make the most of the full range of METTLER TOLEDO service offers. Our service contracts, including annual inspections and calibrations, are tailored according to specific needs and ensure reliable results.


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