Practical Draft Shield Eases Weighing Processes

Uncontrolled air movements can easily upset precision balances used in the food and beverage industry, impairing their accuracy and operating speed. A new draft shield enables the balance to perform at its best in less-than-ideal conditions. It is easy to mount on the balance and just as easy to remove for cleaning.

METTLER TOLEDO is adding a new accessory to its range of laboratory precision balances. The new draft shield eases and accelerates weighing processes used in quality control for food and beverage production and in research.

Balances used by commercial researchers and in near-production testing labs often have to contend with drafty environments. There can be air currents from heaters and ventilators, people walking by and plenty of other air turbulence that makes it difficult for a balance to deliver quick and precise results.

The new draft shield for precision balances noticeably increases the accuracy of the balance and decreases the settling time.

  • Easy to mount on the balance and just as easy to remove for cleaning.
  • All 5 glass panels are removable, for easy access to the weighing pan from left, right or top.
  • Up to 2 unused panels are stored away at the back of the draft shield frame.

This simple balance addition is an ergonomic and cost-effective way of boosting its precision and productivity.