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Forklift Scale TLF820-1.5-Ⅱ-1000E PC

Seamless integration, low-cost ownership.The TLF820 forklift scales increase productivity with one-step weighing and seamless integration into the logistics process. Designed for tough industrial environments, they set the standard for reliability, safety, and accuracy in heavy-use applications.

Smart integration and process efficiency

Weight is transmitted seamlessly from an embedded SmartPC. Pre-configured workflows offer step-by-step guidance, reducing effort and human-error.

Reduced risk of accidents

Largest viewing window in the industry offers maximum visibility. The terminal is virtual. No unnecessary hardware for operator comfort and safety.

Long life, doesn't break down

The TLF820 has been tested to the extreme and has proven not to break, even if it crashes.

Material No.: 30582080

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Maximum Capacity
1 500 kg
Installation Class
Load Loss Distance
165 mm
Width of Carriage
1 000 mm
Angular Compensation Range
Pitch ±5°, Roll ±3°
Capacity Loss
~15% of forklift capacity
Certificated temperature
''-10 C to 40 °C
Smart PC with software
Load Cell
TSH Loadcells
1 kg
Safe Overload
Stable Weighing Time
1-2 seconds

Cut maintenance costs in half

Unique 3-point suspension holds calibration for 12 months, meaning no need for regular scheduled service. Robust design reduces unplanned service and repair.

Accuracy in all conditions

For use in harsh industrial environments, the TLF820 delivers accurate weighing results, even in the toughest conditions.


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