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Shipping Scales / Parcel Scales

METTLER TOLEDO offers a broad range of shipping scales and accessories for applications within the post office and shipping environment. Our equipment can be adapted to customer's software needs, integrated into their systems.
The PS family of scales offers a broad range of weighing capacities for any parcel or letter applications. The entire family of shipping scales connects and communicates the same way to a host computer. They can be connected to a computer that runs carrier manifest or shipping counter software.

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The 4 Series scales are the ideal solution for applications in which simple weighing is key. Optimized for quick and easy weighing applications, six clearly-structured large format keys with tactile feedback combine with the easy-to-read 7-segment backlit LC display for clear and fast results on a device which couldn’t be easier to use. The scales are available for max. capacities ranging from 3 - 60 kg and in several sizes.

Contact Us Today to Learn More: 877-276-1045

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