One Click™ Water Determination - METTLER TOLEDO

One Click™ Water Determination

New Titration Compact Line featuring One Click™ Water Determination –

A new milestone in solutions for simple and secure Karl Fischer titration.

One Click™ User Interface for simple and secure operation
The large color Touchscreen features the simple-to-understand and fast-to-operate One Click™ user interface. All users have their own Homescreen with dedicated Shortcut buttons to directly start specific routine tasks. Users are familiar from the start and make fewer errors in operation
Solvent Manger prevents you from chemical contact 
Users are protected against contact with chemicals using the Solvent Manager liquid handling device. It is fully controlled by the titrator and offers solvent exchange at One Click™ without additional user interaction. Operation is very simple and user contact with chemicals is avoided.
Intelligent Burettes are automatically recognized 
The titrant is automatically recognized, when the burette is put on the titrator. Important data such as concentration or lifetime is saved on the RFID chip and directly transferred to the titrator, where it is stored and can be monitored. Using the wrong or an expired titrant is impossible.
Full Instrument control and data base management with LabX PC software
LabX provides simple operation and observation at PC together with secure data management and regulatory compliance. The user management with the LabX remote user allows full support of compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11.
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