Automation for Density & Refractive Index - METTLER TOLEDO
Брошюра по оборудованию

Automation for Density & Refractive Index

Брошюра по оборудованию

Increase throughput, improve safety and decrease errors.

Automation is more than just a pump which fills the measuring cell of the density meter or refractometer. The benefits of an automated system are more than just saving time and costs. LiquiPhysics™ Excellence allows the entire workflow to be automated for more reliable results, increased safety and no errors. This brochure shows how the following steps of the workflow of density or refractive index measurement can be automated:

  • Pre-measurement
  • Sampling, measuring, cleaning
  • Post-measurement

Topics covered in this brochure:

  • Pumps
  • Autosampler
  • Automation units
  • Heating units
  • LabX PC software
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