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Онлайн интернет-семинар
Семинары и тренинги

In an effort to provide technical support and training in a more efficient way, METTLER TOLEDO has created training modules consisting of voice-recorded training seminars for the various aspects of our enabling technologies.

Our Reaction Engineering portfolio (RXE) consisting of the EasyMax, OptiMax, RX-10 and RC1mx platforms, has a vast array of applications varying from organic synthesis using the TouchScreen of an EasyMax to safety studies utilizing the calorimetry measurement of an RC1mx.  We have therefore split the RXE trainings into three modules:

  • 01 Basic Training – introduction to RXE hardware, TouchScreen control, Easy Control Box

  • 02 iControl Training – Introduction to iControl and iC Data Center, Advanced Functionality

  • 03 Heat Flow Calorimetry Training – HFCal capability of the EasyMax, OptiMax and RC1mx platforms, safe scale-up of chemical processes, method of measurement, calculation of heat flow, heat of accumulation and heat of dosing, adiabatic temperature rise and chemical safety.
Wed Dec 05 2018 21:00 +0100 [ English ]
Wed Dec 12 2018 16:00 +0100 [ English ]
Wed Jan 16 2019 21:00 +0100 [ English ]
Wed Jan 30 2019 16:00 +0100 [ English ]

Who Should Attend?
Chemists and Chemical Engineers that use or are interested in using EasyMax, OptiMax, RC1, or RX-10.

There is no cost to attend but registration is required and space is limited.

Unable To Attend?
If you are interested but unable to attend, please complete the registration.  All registrants will receive the on-demand presentations shortly after the live event via email.

Reaction Engineering Technologies Online Training
Reaction Engineering Technologies Online Training

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Simon Rea earned his BS in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry with Honors in Chemistry from the University of Western Australia and an MBA in Finance from the University of Delaware. Previously, Simon worked for five years at DuPont Central Research and Development and three years with Argonaut Technologies as a Product Manager. Simon has spent the last 15 years at METTLER TOLEDO first as a Product Manager and now as a Principal Technology and Applications Consultant.

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