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DX407-Pb ISE half-cell electrode

DX series ISE half-cells. Ion-selective half-cell

Tried and trusted

Ion-selective half-cell, 100...3*10-6 mol/L, polymer membrane, POM/PVC shaft, S7 screw cap, seperate reference electrode and appropriate cables needed

Modular and versatile

Membrane kit: 51107874, electrolyte: 51107875, electrolyte for reference electrode: 1 mol/L KNO3, ISA solution: 1 mol/L KNO3

The right sensor for every application

METTLER TOLEDO offers pH and other sensors for all kinds of applications. Find the best suited sensor for your application here: www.electrodes.net.

Dane techniczne - DX407-Pb ISE half-cell electrode
Measuring range 3*10-6 – 1 mol/L
Temperature Range 0 °C – 50 °C
Optimal pH range 2 – 8
Connector S7
Type of junction --
Shaft Material POM/PVC
Sensor Type Half-cell
Shaft length 120 mm
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Parameter ISE
Reference electrolyte 1 mol/L KNO3
Type of membrane Polymer
Temperature probe No
Signal type Analog
Ion Lead
Reference electrolyte Order no. 51343182
ISA solution 1 mol/L KNO3
Membrane kit 51107874
Numer(y) materiału 51107873


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DX407-Pb ISE half-cell electrode

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