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SW Upgrade RC1e V7.x - iControl

Kluczowy element umożliwiający poznanie procesów.WinRC V7.x do iControl RC1 V5.0

Większa ilość informacji

iControl RC1e™ umożliwia inżynierom poznanie wpływu zmiennych elementów procesów oraz ułatwia bezpieczne, skalowalne i stabilne przeprowadzanie procesów.

Intuicyjna i wszechstronna kontrola

Elastyczne protokoły badań pozwalają na pełne poznanie zmiennych elementów procesów, takich jak temperatura, dozowanie i mieszanie.

Przekształcanie danych w informacje

Zaawansowane narzędzia do analizowania danych umożliwiają obliczanie i analizowanie najważniejszych informacji termodynamicznych.

iControl RC1e combines functionality with flexibility and an easy-to-operate graphical user interface. Regardless of whether you are using your lab reactor to measure safety data, optimize a sensitive and dangerous reaction or simply run a routine task, iControl RC1e helps you to perform your tasks better and easier than ever. iControl RC1e is synonymous for easy-to-use, fast learning and flexible.

iControl RC1e is based on a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to have complete control of your experiments. iControl RC1e can operate manually or pre-programmed.  Bi-directional communication with iC IR™, ReactIR or FBRM allows you to easily solve your development tasks in chemical development, process safety, scale-up, and crystallization iControl RC1e operates all versions of RC1e and is a pre-requisite for RTCal.

Dane techniczne - SW Upgrade RC1e V7.x - iControl
Oprogramowanie iControl RC1e™
Kompatybilne z
Kalorymetry reakcyjne RC1e
Moduły dodatkowe
iC Safety
Numer(y) materiału
51162493, 51162494, 51162524, 51162526, 51162528, 51162568, 51162857, 51162515


Produkty pokrewne


Upgrade from WinRC

iControl RC1e™ saves time, reduces errors, accelerates data analysis, and increases the utilization of RC1 workstations. 

Major improvements over WinRC include: 

Easy Data Collection and Instrument Control

  • Direct control of the instrument by either drag & drop or interaction with graphical user interface
  • Dosing profiles based on the real-time heat signal
  • Adding additional sensors during the experiment
  • Live experiment toolbar consolidates key status and control functions
  • Templates allow reuse of all settings from previous similar experiments

Intuitive Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Linked views simplify analysis and highlight data relationships
  • iC Safety™ transforms thermodynamic data into safety information
  • Integrated mixing guidelines provide a thorough understanding of mixing
  • Compare data from multiple experiments including comparisons with live experiments
  • Event-linked annotations are easily added, moved, and edited

Quick Reporting and Data Exchange

  • Data from previous software versions of WinRC 6.2 and 7.x is easily converted
  • Single-click report generation to Microsoft® Word® or read-only print format
  • Simple data import and export with Microsoft® Excel® and other third party programs
  • Drag & drop trends between any programs in the iC Suite

iControl RC1e supports all versions of RC1 workstations, RTCal™, controller units RD10 and the Universal Control Box (UCB) as well as seamless integration with other iC software products - including iC IR™ and iC FBRM™.

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SW Upgrade RC1e V7.x - iControl
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