On Demand Webinar: The Digital Shift in Battery Manufacturing

Embracing Digital Transformation in Battery Manufacturing

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  • Understand the imperative for digital transformation in battery manufacturing and its alignment with global sustainability goals.​
  • Learn from digitalization strategies and challenges in other regulated industries, particularly pharmaceuticals.​
  • Discover how the Battery Passport will revolutionize battery lifecycle management and support the circular economy.​
  • Identify the technological advancements anticipated in battery manufacturing due to increased digitalization.​

Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the pivotal role of digital transformation in the battery manufacturing industry. Featuring industry experts Simon Taylor and Gunnar Danielson from METTLER TOLEDO and Louis Adriaenssens from Gelion, this session will delve into the driving forces behind digitalization in battery manufacturing, insights from adjacent sectors, and the future of battery lifecycle management. Attendees will learn about the importance of the battery passport, overcoming digital transformation challenges, and the advancements in technology shaping sustainable and efficient battery production. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and prepare your operations for the future of energy storage.​

Secure your spot in this must-attend virtual event and gain invaluable insights into the future of battery manufacturing. 

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Discover how digital transformation reshapes battery manufacturing toward sustainability and efficiency. Learn about the battery passport, digitalization challenges, and strategies for integrating technologies like LabX™. Unlock these insights now. ​


Louis Adriaenssens

Louis Adriaenssens​

CTO of Gelion

Louis Adriaenssens is the CTO of Gelion, with over 20 years of R&D experience in materials synthesis/characterization and electrochemistry at leading universities and institutes across Europe.​ Commercial and manufacturing experience at all scales, from startups through to sector leaders, most recently as the Supervisor of Chemistry for Panasonic at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada and now with Gelion (Sydeny, AUS) developing zinc and LiS batteries.​

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor

Segment Business Development Manager (Battery Technology)​ at METTLER TOLEDO

As METTLER TOLEDO's Segment Business Development Manager, Simon Taylor leverages 20+ years in analytical chemistry and product management to advance battery technology. A green energy expert, he develops strategic solutions for the ever-changing battery industry, driving growth and positioning METTLER TOLEDO at the helm of sustainable innovation.

Gunnar Danielson

Gunnar Danielson ​

Head of Global Software Solutions and LabX Business Development​ at METTLER TOLEDO

Gunnar Danielson leads METTLER TOLEDO software solutions business development, focusing on digitalizing labs and system integration​. His 25 years in computer systems and business have made him pivotal in laboratory workflow transformation and data integrity, contributing significantly to industry standards and regulatory conversations. He also heads the company's Data Integrity group, ensuring excellence in data governance.​