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Seminaria internetowe na życzenie

GTP® Sensor Use and Maintenance

Seminaria internetowe na życzenie

At the heart of every good automated titration is a sensor. It is crucial to understand how your sensor is properly used, maintained and evaluated for accurate and repeatable titrations. The Good Titration Practice™ Sensor Use and Maintenance Instructional Webinar details the components, types, proper use, maintenance and evaluation of a variety of titration sensors.

Through slides, animations and video, you will be instructed on what operating and maintenance procedures are best suited for your sensor in your laboratory ensuring safe, secure and reliable titrations.
35 minutes
English , Français , Español , 中文 , Русский , Portuguese

A titration requires an accurate and repeatable detection of the stoichiometric reaction of the titrant with the sample or analyte being quantified.  Automated titration systems rely on the sensor to perform this task.  An important aspect of an accurate and repeatable titration is the sensor.  Often taken for granted, the sensor may not always be used or maintained properly.

The GTP Sensor Use and Maintenance Webinar will detail knowledge, practical tips and tricks as well as quality guides for ensuring your titration sensor is performing in accordance with your quality requirements regarding your titrations. 

Please join us for the following sensor topics:

  • Components and their functions
  • Proper use in a titration
  • Proper storage guides and solutions
  • Cleaning and maintenance tips
  • Calibration and evaluation
  • Further titration knowledge references
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