Live Webinar – Basics of Correct Weighing

Live Webinar Basics of Correct Weighing


Learn the Techniques of Proper Weighing for Accurate and Reliable Results

Weighing is one of the most common tasks in a laboratory. It is often tedious, time-consuming and requires a significant time investment. The weighing results are often crucial to the entire analysis, thus their accuracy is of the highest importance.

Unfortunately, weighing is often prone human error. Additionally, results can be influenced by a number of external factors, like temperature, drafts, etc.

In order to ensure accurate and reliable weighing results it is crucial to understand the basics of correct weighing and to follow the rules that apply to working with laboratory balances.

Watch our webinar and learn the basics of correct weighing!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why weighing results are important
  • Basics of weighing theory
  • Challenges of weighing
  • External factors that affect weighing results
  • What the optimum location is for a lab balance
  • How to properly operate a balance
  • Basics of lab balance cleaning
  • Good Weighing Practice™ - Global weighing standard
Julian Stafford, METTLER TOLEDO Trainer
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Thu Jun 23 2022 08:00 +0000 [ English ]
Thu Jun 23 2022 13:30 +0000 [ English ]


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