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Live Webinar: Efficient Photometric Water Analysis

Control Water Quality Parameters in a Fast and Secure Workflow

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  • The basics of spectrophotometric water analysis
  • How to select Supelco test kits and prepare samples
  • How to efficiently measure water samples using a spectrophotometer
  • Tips and tricks for particular water samples

Water testing is required to ensure quality drinking water, process water and waste water. After mixing the water sample with specific reagents, which transfers the analyte in most cases into a colored compound, the sample can then be quantitatively analyzed by UV Vis spectrophotometry. Using a spectrometer with built-in methods, the measurement workflow is guided and secured, which reduces operation and calculation errors, and the analysis process can be greatly accelerated because of available calibration curves.

Our webinar will illustrate a range of selected examples, for instance, a COD test with a sample digestion step, which is often performed for waste water. With respect to drinking water, free and total chlorine can be distinguished and determined separately using one method.

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Dr. Zhuoxiang Zhang

Dr. Zhuoxiang Zhang