Transform Productivity with Automated Sampling

Transform Productivity with Automated Sampling

Unattended, Representative Sampling of a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions

Sampling long reactions can be impractical and lack of samples leads to data blind spots. Automated sampling systems can be programmed for continued operation 24/7. Automated sample preparation saves time and eliminates human error. Samples are diluted to a user-specified concentration, ready for offline analysis.

Agenda (all times below Eastern Standard Time)

9:00 AM - Application of EasyFrit for Crystallization Process Design & Optimization
Brian Seifried - Bristol Myers Squibb

9:30 AM - Automated Sampling and LC Analysis of Process Solution
Makoto Michida, Ph.D. - Daiichi Sankyo Co.

9:50 AM - Process Development and Characterization of an Acutely Hazardous Reaction through Data Rich Experimentation
Taylor Behre - Merck & Co., Inc.

About the Presenters

Brian Seifried

Bristol Myers Squibb

Dr. Brian Seifried received his PhD in chemical engineering from MIT. His thesis work focused on creating mucin mimetic materials using a combination of synthetic biology and polymer chemistry within the Olsen research group. Currently, he is senior scientist in the Materials Science and Engineering group at BMS, where he works API crystallization process development as well as investigates enabling technologies.

Makoto Michida

Daiichi Sankyo

Makoto Michida is a process chemist at Daiichi Sankyo for 25 years, with recent interest in lab automation and automating medium-scale synthesis experiments. His expertise and passion for automation have been recognized, and he is expected to contribute to future research in the field.

Taylor Behre

Merck & Co, Inc.

Taylor graduated with her BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in 2018. She then began her career in the pharmaceutical industry at Merck, where she has worked for almost five years.