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Hal. Moisture Analyzer HC103 (115V)

All-rounder for Routine Moisture Tasks.0.01 %MC (1 mg) readability, user guidance, real-time drying curve, multiple languages, standard and rapid drying program, method (20) and results (100) storage.

Intuitive OneClick™ Operation

The large 7" color touchscreen offers an easy to navigate user interface. The operator is guided graphically step by step through the workflow.

Perfect for Lab and Production Floor

The robust design guarantees reliable results and a long instrument lifetime, whether you work in a busy laboratory or a harsh production environment.

Integrated Operator Training

The setup wizard gets you up and running straight away. The instrument tutorial shows you how to conduct a measurement and create a method.

Specifications - Hal. Moisture Analyzer HC103 (115V)
Repeatability (sd) with 2g Sample
0.1 %
Repeatability (sd) with 10g Sample
0.015 %
0.01 %MC
100 Results; 20 Methods
Drying Programs
Rapid; Standard
Drying Temperature
40 °C – 230 °C
Recommended Moisture Range
1.0 - 100 %MC
Result Handling
Real-Time Drying Curve; Result Overview
User Management
Protection of Settings
Switch-off criteria
Freely Definable (1-10 mg/ 5-300 s); Freely Definable (% Weight Loss/s); Timed
Test & Adjust
SmartCal; Temperature (100/160); Weight
Temperature Increments
1 °C
Maximum Capacity
101 g
Readability MC
0.01 %
Display Mode
%AD; %AM; %DC; %MC; g; g/kg DC; g/kg MC
Method Development Support
Method Wizard
Material Number(s)

Convenient Result Handling

The ID management and barcode scanner make documentation straightforward and easy. Up to 100 results are stored in the instrument and are easily accessible. Results can be printed out or transferred to a USB flash drive.

Valuable Method Management

Define up to 20 methods using standard or rapid drying with various switch-off criteria and display modes. Methods are easily accessed via shortcuts.

Integrated Method Development Support

The integrated Method Wizard helps you to develop robust methods, delivering reliable moisture results with minimum effort.

Moisture Know-How Gets You Started

Profit from our moisture method collections. Our tried and tested methods help you to find the right method for your sample.


Material No.: 11600361

Material No.: 214695

Material No.: 30020851

Material No.: 214758

Material No.: 30216118

Material No.: 30522676

Material No.: 30216115

Material No.: 30406400


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Hal. Moisture Analyzer HC103 (115V)
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