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Affordable Density Meters (Specific Gravity Meters) for Daily Applications

EasyPlus Density Meters

Looking for an affordable, simple and accurate digital specific gravity meter? EasyPlus instruments are the perfect choice, featuring a remarkab...

Looking for an affordable, simple and accurate digital specific gravity meter? EasyPlus instruments are the perfect choice, featuring a remarkably simple user interface, automatic temperature control, minimal operator dependency and more.


No matter your application, having credible results is a must. Our density meters feature practical functionalities which ensure result repeatability and stability for your analyses.

  • Intuitive smart-phone like user interface, available in thirteen languages
  • Compact and rugged design making them fit on any lab bench or near the production line
  • Efficient quality control with color-coded limits, BubbleCheck™ and viscosity correction
  • Simple and efficient data management with EasyDirect PC Software

EasyPlus family includes two density meters (specific gravity meters) models. To check their technical and functionalities comparison table please view our datasheet.

From manual to digital

There are many advantages of using a digital specific gravity meter over manual methods as pycnometer and hydrometer, such as:

  • Automatic measurements
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Wide range of measurements units / user-defined concentrations
  • Measurement protocol (GLP)
  • Small sample volumes required (less than 2mL)
  • PC Software for data management


Specific gravity meter, density meter or digital hydrometer measure the density, specific gravity and density-related values of different liquids samples with a high degree of accuracy.

To increase your knowledge about density measurements download a free copy of the density measurement guide and learn how to avoid errors when measuring the density, specific gravity or concentration of liquids and how to achieve the best results in density measurement, especially with digital density meters.

EasyPlus Density Meters
EasyPlus Density Meters
EasyPlus Density Meters
specific gravity meters

Accurate by Design

Ensure proper sampling by observing your measurement with real-time video view of the measuring cell, and prevent errors due to bubbles or viscous samples with automatic BubbleCheck™ and viscosity correction.

specific gravity meters

Green, Go. Red, Stop.

Set up a range of acceptable limits for your sample and simplify your routine measurements. Color-coded pass/fail information allows you to quickly identify if a measurement is within or out of limits.

digital specific gravity meter

Say Goodbye to Your Pen

Manage your data efficiently with EasyDirect™ PC Software. Easily create reports, graphs and monitor your samples over time. Expand the functionality of your density meter with additional calculations and obtain results in different units with only one sample measurement.

Learn more about EasyDirect PC Software

EasyPlus Density Meters
EasyPlus density accessories

Products and Specs

Products and Specs
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Accuracy ±
Temperature control range
Measurement scales
Material No.: 30468670
See details
Accuracy ±0.001 g/cm3
Repeatability0.00005 g/cm3
Resolution0.001 g/cm3
Temperature control range15 °C – 25 °C
Measurement scalesDensity; Specific gravity
Max. Number of Methods1
Material No.: 30468671
See details
Accuracy ±0.0005 g/cm3
Repeatability0.00005 g/cm3
Resolution0.0001 g/cm3
Temperature control range15 °C – 50 °C
Measurement scalesDensity, Specific gravity, Alcohol, Acid/Base, Chemical, Salt, API, Sugar, Others
Max. Number of Methods6



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User Manual EasyPlus Density Meters
This user manual provides basic instructions and technical guidance for safe and correct usage of the EasyPlus Density Meters: Easy D30 and Easy D40...
Reference Manual EasyPlus Density Meters Easy D30 / Easy D40
This reference manual provides full instructions and technical guidance for safe and correct usage of the EasyPlus Density Meters: Easy D30 and Easy D...
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Refractive Index Measurement Guide
Density Measurement Guide
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