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Learn more about how our truck scale service offerings keep you up and running.

 Improve Uptime and Productivity

  • Productivity means getting the most out of your equipment and processes. To keep productivity as high as possible, you must have working equipment. Reducing the chance of a breakdown at your scale helps to maximize uptime, increasing your daily throughput. Preventive Maintenance Services include a thorough inspection of the weighbridge, load cells, cables, and foundation. If minor adjustments are needed, our technicians take care of them the same day.

Meet Legal-For-Trade Requirements

  • Advanced Vehicle Calibration Services provide all the necessary tests and data points to satisfy an auditor or Weights and Measures officer and provide the highest level of calibration accuracy. Our metrology expertise will help you not only pass audits but also measure with true accuracy to save money and keep your customers happy.


Control Maintenance Budget

  • Paying for service one invoice at a time can cause you to lose track of your maintenance budget. Our Service Care Packages help you control your budget by paying one set price to cover just what you need. Choose from Standard Care or Comprehensive Care and benefit from one invoice, complete control, and absolutely no hassle.

Extend Scale Life

  • Many operations own vehicle scales that could use a boost in accuracy and reliability but that are not in such bad shape that they need to be replaced. METTER TOLEDO Upgrade Kits bring new life to your existing equipment by updating to the latest load cell technology and installing new cabling. This can add years to the life of your existing weighbridges.

In summary, METTLER TOLEDO Service has you covered! Whether you have existing equipment, new equipment, or another manufacturer's equipment, we will create a service schedule to fit your unique needs and set your operation up for success.

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