New Vision Inspection, Simplified

Vision Inspection, Simplified

Making the Right Solution Easy to Find

Manufacturers across a multitude of industries are under pressure to reduce product recalls in order to improve profitiability. Preventing product recalls has become a mantra, and with an ever-growing list of regulations from government and industry bodies, there is an overwhelming movement toward keeping compliant. This has caused more manufacturers to move towards automated vision inspection as a way of quickly verifying the presence of critical information. As manufacturers make the switch to vision, it can be a little intimidating to sit down and work out what sort of a system is needed to accomplish your quality assurance goals. We understand this, which is why we have rolled out a new set of product lines aimed at making the process of finding the right system as easy as possible. Now all our products can be viewed by the intended inspection category. 

Label Check

Whether you need to make sure the right label is applied to your product, or just make sure the label is properly positioned, our Label Check systems perform the necessary tasks quickly and reliably. In addition, our systems can verify the presence of critical information on the label, such as allergen warnings or other instructions for safe use.

Code Check

Often industry and government regulations require packaging to include barcodes, serial numbers, or lot numbers – and failing to have these markings results in a product recall and possible fines. Our Code Check systems are there to help; performing barcode reading (and even grading) as well as text inspection using Optical Character Verification (OCV) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) inspections, even in difficult-to-read formats such as dot matrix characters.

Cap & Fill Level Check

Unnecessary product giveaway caused by overfilling or waste caused by improperly applied caps can be a real issue when it comes to keeping production costs down. Our systems ensure all necessary components are present and properly applied, further protecting against product recalls, spoilage and excessive scrap.

Seal Check

From tamper-evident bands to seals for freshness, we have systems to help ensure the successful application of them. This can mean inspecting a seal after application, but it also can mean inspecting the sealing surface to ensure uniformity.

Integrated Solutions

Sometimes space is at a premimum, or there is a particularly unique inspection requirement that needs to be implemented in a compact space. That is precisely what our integrated offerings are for - we work with you to add vision inspection capaibiltiies to your existing production equipment, or we can work to design a new production line with you that includes vision.

Systems for OEMs

We work closely with OEMs in order to ensure that newly designed equipment and production lines perform to the standards requested by manufacturers. In addition, we provide combination inspection systems, allowing for the establishment of true critical inspection points on the proudction line.


Product Finder

Beyond this simplified organization, we have also implemented a product finder system as an additional way to find a system that works for you. Simply select the capabilities required, and the product finder will suggest a system suited to your requirements. Vision inspection involves a lot of processing power, but finding the right system shouldn't. Once you have a system in mind, you can contact us, and we can take you through the complete implementation process, including project management, training and service, and global rollout capabilities to help make the jump to vision inspection as painless as possible. The Finder tool will go live in mid-April.

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