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Portable Truck Scales

Portable Truck Scales

Portable weighbridges built for easy relocation

Portable Truck Scale – Easy to Transport Weighbridges

A mobile weighbridge is a useful tool that provides a valuable convenience factor; portable truck axle scales are designed to easily move from one ...

A mobile weighbridge is a useful tool that provides a valuable convenience factor; portable truck axle scales are designed to easily move from one jobsite to another. These steel-deck scales are ideal in operations that include logging, sand, gravel, construction, road-building and concrete/asphalt batching.

Portable weight scale for trucks
Our Portable Weighbridge scales use the proven design of orthotropic ribs, combining proven performance with exceptional durability. This unique design directs the pressure of extremely heavy loads away from areas that would otherwise be fatigued by stress. Continuous welds along the seam of each rib to the deck ensure lasting strength. It’s a design that works effectively and efficiently, and in fact, METTLER TOLEDO’s portable vehicle weighing scales  have the same orthotropic design used for the Golden Gate Bridge and several other high-traffic roadway bridges. How would your operation benefit from a new portable truck weight scales system?

Portable vehicle weighing scales and portable truck axle scales
METTLER TOLEDO also provides load cells for truck scales and rail scale applications. POWERCELL load cells are the most accurate and reliable vehicle load cells in the world, providing proven performance with a successful history of nearly 1 million load cells in service worldwide. METTLER TOLEDO’s Portable Weighbridges include two options: field-assembled portable truck scales and premium portable vehicle scale offerings. The basic portability option of a field-assembled portable scale for trucks is compatible with numerous standard steel-deck modular Portable Weighbridge models. The scale uses a bolted frame that is assembled on site. This option is a cost-effective solution to accommodate seasonal relocation of the scale.

What factors contribute to weighbridge price for industrial truck scales?
Premium portable vehicle are fully assembled and are used for weighing over-the-road vehicles. These portable truck weighing scales are perfect for industries that deal in heavy operations like demolition and construction. Its modules are factory assembled and easy to install or move. Both the basic and premium versions are designed to provide the same accurate, reliable weighing as a permanent scale. Yet they carry much different advantages, from easy installation to reducing the expense and time needed to install a permanent scale.

Discover what's possible at your operation with portable scales to weigh trucks – and get mobile!

Portable weighbridges
Portable weighbridges
Portable weighbridges



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