The most accurate and reliable vehicle load cells in the world

POWERCELL brand load cells have stood up to the most extreme forces of nature in truck and rail scales for more than 30 years. POWERCELL PDX load cells take this reliability to a new level through predictive diagnostics to keep you continuously informed about your scale’s performance. The load cell’s on-board microprocessor also provides you with the most accurate weight possible by continually adapting to common factors such as temperature, nonlinearity, hysteresis, voltage variation, and sensor creep, which affect all strain gauge load cells. POWERCELL PDX is designed to be used in virtually any environment to provide you with unmatched performance and industry leading total cost of ownership.

Features and Benefits

No No more junction boxesjunction boxes – revolutionary design eliminates all junction boxes, which are wired by hand in the field and are a common cause of vehicle scale failures (photo at right shows an example of a junction box from older technology)

Simplified network – removing junction boxes reduces the number of connections by at least 25% compared to other systems

Lightning protection – verified by independent testing to withstand up to an 80k amp surge, the built-in lightning protection system provides a shield for your load cells and the terminal to keep your scale running and eliminate unplanned expenses due to bad weather (tested to International Electrotechnical Commission IEC62305-1)

Submersible – hermetically sealed, IP68/IP69K system, including the fully welded enclosure and watertight connectors, ensures that a flooded scale won’t destroy your maintenance budget or give you an unnecessary insurance claim

Market-leading, long-lasting, accuracyLaboratory Lightning Test – 100% tested to provide superior weighing performance in all environments and conditions

Predictive diagnostics – self monitoring system can notify you (on screen, email, text message) of potential weighing errors before they become significant problems

Robust design – heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel designed to resist damage in abusive environments 

Easy maintenance – quick-release connectors are designed to save time and money, getting your scale back in service quickly while using the same robust, highly reliable design found in the harshest and wettest military and medical applications, where performance is a matter of life and death

Worldwide approvals:

Truck Scale with POWERCELL PDX-- OIML R60 C3, C4, C6
-- NIST HB44 10,000 III L-M 
-- ATEX and IEC Ex Zone 2/22
-- United States and Canada EX Division 2



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