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Truck Scale Foundations

Truck Scale Foundations

Just like the foundation of a house, the foundation of a truck scale is an extremely important element to the over all longevity of the scale. It is the lowest load bearing part of the scale, and any imperfections can cause weighing errors and accelerated wear and tear. The vehicle scale experts at METTLER TOLEDO can help you determine which of the three variations of scale foundations is best for your business.


 Pier Foundation:

  • Least Expensive
  • Piers support each load bearing point
  • Wash-out slabs sometimes included


Beam Slab Foundation: 

  • Additional beams of concrete run the length and width of the scale
  • Stronger than pier style foundation



Pit Style Foundation:

  • Depth of pit varies per project and is often a custom solution
  • Must allow minimum depth for technician to access components beneath the  weighbridge
  • Can require additional care for cleaning as pit can collect debris



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Truck Scale Foundations
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