Cap & Fill Level Vision Inspection Systems
V27 Series

Cap & Fill Level Vision Inspection Systems

Ensure proper cap application and integrity and guard against over or under-filled products

Cap inspection
Cap Inspection
Cap inspection
Cap Inspection

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Vision Inspection Guide

Veiledning til visuell inspeksjon
Veiledningen om visuell inspeksjon er en komplett referansekilde for visuell inspeksjonsteknologi som brukes i næringsmiddel- og legemiddelbransjen.


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V31 (pdf)


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How does a missing cap actually happen?

There are plenty of reasons something can go wrong, particularly in a high-speed production environment. It could be an insufficient number of caps loaded into the filler, or an unexpected problem with the feed, or some other mechanical issue. It happens more often than you might think, and it is inevitably a headache for operators when it happens. Being able to instantly alert operators when caps start going missing is critical.

Do I need a stand-alone system to check for caps?

No, you really do not need a stand-alone system to check for caps. There are a couple ways to go about this, depending on what your priorities are. If you are only concerned with cap and fill level, you can integrate a smart camera (or a PC-controlled camera) into your existing filling equipment. We have experience with producing integrated solutions, and are happy to lend our expertise and equipment in setting something up. You can find out more about our custom solutions by contacting us or visiting our custom solutions page.

What else can I do while I'm inspecting caps?

The most convenient part of a vision inspection system is its ability to carry out simultaneous inspections of other package elements. A single shot of the package can be used to perform multiple inspections – most simply, a picture used for cap inspection can also ensure the presence of a tamper evident band (if one is used) and verify the fill level. Calibrated correctly, the same image can be used to perform inspections on the package label, although depending on the package shape it may be necessary to use a multi-camera configuration.

Can I inspect the fill level of opaque packages?

A vision-based system will not be able to perform such an inspection with any sort of reliability, although it can be possible depending on the level of opacity. Adding an x-ray element to the system makes such an inspection possible. This is an easy solution to the problem, particularly when dealing with a supplier that can provide both technologies in a way that ensures the software and hardware do not run into any compatibility issues.


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