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Turbidity Sensor InPro 8610i

Accurate, In-Line Measurement

The InPro 8610i turbidity sensor offers accurate measurement performance and tolerates hot process temperatures without the need for air purge cooling. It's designed for the brew house and condensate of whey (COW) water applications.

Greater Measurement Confidence
For precise turbidity monitoring, the InPro 8610i comes multi-point factory calibrated to ensure accuracy across its entire measurement range. 

Fast, Problem-free Start-up
The Plug and Measure technology in the InPro 8610i enables fast start-up and eliminates the possibility of configuration errors.

Meets Compliance Needs
The InPro 8610i in-line turbidity sensor follows hygienic design best practices for efficient and effective sensor cleaning.

Turbidity Sensor InPro 8610i
Spesifikasjoner - Turbidity Sensor InPro 8610i
Material nummer 30421360
Measuring principle Turbidity: scattered light (25°)
Fargemåling No
Process pressure range Up to 16 bar
Process temperature range -10°C to 120°C
Rengjøringstemperatur Max. 150°C peak for 15 mins during CIP cleaning
Måleområde, turbiditet (EBC) 0 to 250 EBC
Måleområde, turbiditet (FTU) 0 to 1000 FTU
Prosessforhold Tuchenhagen VARINLINE Type N50/40
Materialet i berørte deler Stainless steel 1.4404, sapphire glass
Overflatefinish N6/Rₐ32 (Rₐ≤0.8µm/32µin)
O-ring material Tuchenhagen connection: EPDM
Inntrengingsbeskyttelse IP66
Features and Benefits

Improved Process Control
The InPro 8610i gives you tight process control over your upstream brewing processes. Its 12-point turbidity factory calibration provides accurate measurement across its entire measuring range. This ensures reproducible batch-to-batch wort quality.
Easy Installation Without Modifications
The InPro 8610i turbidity sensor can be directly installed via a Tuchenhagen Varinline process connection or through a sight-glass without any modifications. This allows you to easily replace manual processes with continuous, in-line turbidity measurement.
Low Maintenance in Hot Conditions
The durable sapphire glass optic windows and stainless steel sensor head of the InPro 8610i require minimum maintenance and are suitable for the toughest process conditions. The sensor will withstand high process temperatures without any external cooling.
Predictive Diagnostics Ensure Uptime
The InPro 8610i uses Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) predictive diagnostics to monitor fouling and humidity. This allows you to deal with any issues before production is affected.


Teknisk spesifikasjon

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Turbidity Sensor InPro 8610i


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Turbidity Sensor InPro 8610i
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