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Gas Controller

The software-controlled mass flow gas controller measures and regulates the gas flow between 0 and 200 mL/min and automatically switches up to 4 gases.
Automatic operation can be enhanced with a gas controller. Depending on the type of gas controller, several channels can be turned on and off via the software. The gas controllers measure the flow. Deviations of the selected value are recorded and shown on the curve.
Features and Benefits
Gas Controller GC 10 - to switch and measure the gas flow of gases, 2 not separated channels, 2 inlets / 1 outlet.

Gas Controller GC20 - to switch and measure the gas flow of two gases, 2 separated channels, 2 inlets / 2 outlets.

Gas Controller GC100 - to switch and measure the gas flow of gases by software; 4 inlets / 1 outlet (one gas at the same time).

Gas Controller GC200 - to switch and measure the gas flow of gases by software; 4 inlets / 2 outlets (two gases at the same time).



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Gas Controller


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Gas Controller
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