Flash DSC Sensor

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MEMS-Based DSC Sensor Technology

In conventional DSC instruments, the sample is measured in a crucible in order to protect the sensor. The heat capacity and thermal conductivity of the crucible however have a significant influence on the measurement. In the Flash DSC 1, the sample is placed directly onto the MultiSTAR chip sensor. The patented dynamic power compensation control circuit allows measurements to be performed with minimum noise level at high heating and cooling rates.

  • Fast response sensor – enables the kinetics of extremely fast reactions or crystallization processes to be studied

MultiSTAR UFS 1 Sensor

The Full Range UFS 1 sensor has 16 thermocouples and exhibits high sensitivity and excellent temperature resolution. The MEMS chip sensor is mounted on a stable ceramic substrate with electrical connections.

1. Ceramic plate
2. Silicon frame
3. Connecting wire
4. Resistance heater
5. Aluminum plate (sample area)
6. Thermocouple




Reorganization of amorphous iPP

Amorphous isotactic polypropylene (iPP) is produced by cooling from the melt at 4 000 K/s. The material obtained was measured at heating rates between 5 K/s and 30 000 K/s. The glass transition occurs just below 0 °C followed by an exothermic peak due to cold crystallization. The crystallites melt above 100 °C. At higher heating rates, the cold crystallization peak is shifted to higher temperatures and melting peak to lower temperatures. From 1 000 K/s onward, the peak areas become significantly smaller until at 30 000 K/s reorganization no longer occurs in the sample.

Spesifikasjoner - Flash DSC Sensor
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Flash DSC Sensor
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