Differensialskanningskalorimetri | DSC-analyse
Differensialskanningskalorimetri (DSC)

Differensialskanningskalorimetri (DSC)

Høytytende DSC-instrumenter for akademisk forskning og industriutvikling.

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TAWN sensitivitetssammenligning (135,2 °C)
Komponent i differensialskanningskalorimetri (DSC)
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Produkter og detaljer
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Material No.: 30139230
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DSC 3 Product Brochure
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is the most frequently used thermal analysis technique. DSC measures enthalpy changes in samples due to change...
DSC 3+ Product Brochure
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is the most frequently used thermal analysis technique. DSC measures enthalpy changes in samples due to change...
Brochure: STARe Excellence Software
Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results...
The Future of Thermal Analysis Brochure
Thermal Analysis comprises a group of techniques that measure the physical or chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time whi...


Datasheet: DSC-Microscopy System
The system provides images of samples at predefined temperature or time intervals. A further evaluation possibility is to quantify color differences b...
Datasheet: DSC-Photocalorimetry System
The photocalorimeter accessory is used in combination with the METTLER TOLEDO DSC 1 or DSC82xe and extends the application possibilities of DSC into t...
Datasheet: The MultiSTAR® DSC Sensor Family
The sensor is the heart of any DSC measuring cell. Ideally a modern DSC sensor should be very sensitive, have a fast response, a baseline that is abso...
Datasheet: DSC-Chemiluminescence System
The high-pressure DSC-CL combination has the potential to replace the traditional timeconsuming oven aging tests in the prescreening phase of novel po...
Datasheet: IsoStep
Thermal effects can often occur simultaneously, IsoStep™ is a Temperature Modulated DSC (TMDSC) software option that can help evaluation of complicate...
Advanced Model Free Kinetics Datasheet
STARe software’s Advanced Model Free Kinetics (Advanced MFK) program helps in the investigation and optimization of a process. It allows the predictio...
Datasheet: STARe Software Option Mathematics
This software option offers a number of useful calculations that can be applied to curves for advanced evaluation possibilities, adding even more flex...
Datasheet: nth Order Kinetics
Kinetic models are suitable for the analysis and simulation of chemical reactions. The software option calculates kinetic parameters based on one or m...
Datasheet: STARe Software Option User Rights
The User Rights software option allows you to give each user not only a unique user ac-count but also a specific role. The use of individual user acco...
Datasheet: Conditional Experiment Termination
This software option reduces unnecessary measurement time and improves safety when measuring unknown samples. It enables the instrument to terminate a...


Utforsk våre tjenester – Skreddersydd for å passe til utstyret ditt

Ifølge den internasjonale konføderasjonen for termisk analyse er en gruppe teknikker der et stoffs fysiske egenskap måles som en funksjon av temperatur mens stoffet utsettes for et kontrollert temperaturprogram.

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