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Glassmeltedigler for termisk analyse

Glassmeltedigler for termisk analyse

Kjemisk resistente og gjennomsiktige digler

Produkter og detaljer

Produkter og detaljer
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Volum μL
Glass crucible
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Antall 50
Volum μL 100
Stift without
Lokk without
Material No.: 00027812
Volum μL100
Egnet forF



STARe Excellence Software Brochure
Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results...
Crucibles for Thermal Analysis Brochure
Crucibles serve as containers for samples during thermoanalytical measurements. They guarantee that the sensor is not contaminated by the measurement....


The MultiSTAR® DSC Sensor Family Datasheet
The sensor is the heart of any DSC measuring cell. Ideally a modern DSC sensor should be very sensitive, have a fast response, a baseline that is abso...
DSC-Chemiluminescence System Datasheet
The high-pressure DSC-CL combination has the potential to replace the traditional timeconsuming oven aging tests in the prescreening phase of novel po...
DSC-Microscopy System Datasheet
The system provides images of samples at predefined temperature or time intervals. A further evaluation possibility is to quantify color differences b...
DSC-Photocalorimetry System Datasheet
The photocalorimeter accessory is used in combination with the METTLER TOLEDO DSC 1 or DSC82xe and extends the application possibilities of DSC into t...
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