RTCal Real Time Heat Flow Sensors | Measure Heat Flow in Real Time

Real time Heat Flow Sensors -

Reactors with RTCal™ Technology

A novel sensor to measure heat flow in real time allows you to investigate more complex processes.
Reactors with the RTCal™ technology extend the range of applications and make the RC1e™ even more versatile.
RTCal™ Reactors for RC1e - Specifications
Reactor TypeOperating Volume (mL)Temperature Range (°C)Openings CoverAvailable SrirrersVarious
AP01-0.5-RTC-3w70 … 400-50 … 1650.05 … 1Pitch-blade turbine with baffle
(HC-22 or glass)
Triple wall glass reactor with PTFE cover and bottom drain valve
AP01-2-RTC400 … 1800-50 … 1650.05 … 1Anchor, propeller, gassing
(HC-22 or glass)Paravisc®
Glass reactor with glass cover and bottom drain valve
MP10-1-RTC320 … 800-50 … 1650.05 … 10Anchor, propeller, gassing
(AISI316, HC-22)
Glass reactor with AISI316 or HC-22 cover and inserts
The integrated RTCal™ sensors provide heat flow, specific heat of the reaction mass, and heat transfer data quickly and accurately in real time. By virtue of the additional infor­mation, difficult to control reactions or reactions with an unexpected behavior will become more transparent and easier to perform and control.


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Real time Heat Flow Sensors -
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