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SW Upgrade RC1e V7.x - iControl

Nøkkelen til prosessforståelse.WinRC V7.x til iControl RC1 V5.0

Forbedret forståelse

iControl RC1e™ gjør det mulig for ingeniører å forstå hele virkningen av prosessvariablene og hjelper dem med å levere en trygg, skalerbar og robust prosess.

Intuitiv og allsidig kontroll

Fleksible, eksperimentelle protokoller muliggjør en total utforskning av prosessvariabler som temperatur, dosering og blanding.

Omgjør data til informasjon

Avanserte dataanalyseverktøy muliggjør beregningen av og forskningen på kritisk termodynamisk informasjon.

iControl RC1e Software for Safety

The graphical interface, state-of-the-art drag and drop operation as well as flexible experimental protocols allow a thorough investigation of process variables, while advanced data analysis tools enable the calculation and study of critical thermodynamic information.

iControl RC1e combines functionality with flexibility and an easy-to-operate graphical user interface. Regardless of whether you are using your lab reactor to measure safety data, optimize a sensitive and dangerous reaction or simply run a routine task, iControl RC1e helps you to perform your tasks better and easier than ever. iControl RC1e is easy-to-use and flexible.

iControl RC1e can operate manually or pre-programmed.  Bi-directional communication with iC IR, ReactIR or ParticleTrack with FBRM technology allows you to easily solve your development tasks in chemical development, process safety, scale-up and crystallization.

iC Safety is an iControl plug-in designed to speed and simplify the calculations of thermal safety parameters associated with complex reactions.

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iControl RC1e™-programvare
RC1e reaksjonskalorimetre
iC Safety
Material nummer
51162493, 51162494, 51162524, 51162526, 51162528, 51162568, 51162857, 51162515


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Chemical Process Safety
Chemical process safety focuses on preventing incidents and accidents during manufacturing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals on a large scale. It refer...

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Upgrade from WinRC

iControl RC1e is an intuitive and easy-to-use PC software for the RC1e that helps saving time, accelerates data analysis, and increases the utilization of RC1e workstations.

iControl RC1e supports all RC1e workstations, RTCal, the Universal Control Box (UCB) and the controller unit RD10. iControl RC1e seamlessly integrate with all iC software and also supports iC Data Center.

Major improvements over WinRC include: 

Easy Data Collection and Instrument Control

  • Direct control of the instrument by either drag & drop or interaction with graphical user interface
  • Dosing profiles based on the real-time heat signal
  • Adding additional equipment during the experiment
  • Setpoint by expression allows to define dosing profiles that follow an iC IR trend
  • Live heat flow data
  • Templates allow reuse of all settings from previous similar experiments

Intuitive Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Linked views simplify analysis and highlight data relationships
  • iC Safety transforms thermodynamic data into safety information
  • Integrated mixing guidelines provide a thorough understanding of mixing
  • Compare data from multiple experiments including comparisons with live experiments
  • Event-linked annotations are easily added, moved, and edited

Quick Reporting and Data Exchange

  • One-click WYSIWYG report designer (report generation and export to Microsoft Word®)
  • Data from previous software versions of WinRC 6.2 and 7.x is easily converted
  • Simple data import and export with Microsoft Excel® and other third party programs
  • Drag & drop trends between programs in the iC Suite
  • Integration of iC Data Center to automatically capture, prepare and share experiment data
  • Integration of iC Data Share for real-time sharing of trends with third party applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel®)


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SW Upgrade RC1e V7.x - iControl
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