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White Paper

Metal Detection, X-ray Inspection or Both? - Free PDF Download

White Paper

New White Paper Explains How to Choose the Right Inspection Technology for Product Safety and Quality Control

Metal Detection, X-ray Inspection or Both?
Metal Detection, X-ray Inspection or Both?

This white paper will help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers decide on which inspection technology to invest in to ensure the quality and safety of their products. Metal Detection, X-ray Inspection or Both summarises the pros and cons of each technology and guides you through the decision making process.

For years metal detection and x-ray inspection have provided the first line of defence against physical contaminants. However, extensive software and engineering improvements mean it’s not immediately clear which technology will provide the best performance.

The 12-page paper begins by describing how metal detection and x-ray inspection systems work, prior to reviewing the performance of each technology across a range of applications.

  • Aluminium contaminants in non-metal packaging
  • Metal contaminants in aluminium foil packaging
  • Metal contaminants in non-metal packaging
  • Metal contaminants in gravity-fed products
  • Non-metal contaminants in any packaging
  • Quality control issues not involving contaminants

Readers will discover that one solution doesn't fit all: in some situations metal detection is a clear winner while in others x-ray inspection comes out on top. However, not everything is quite so clear-cut. Often there's not much to choose between them, and sometimes the most reliable solution may well be to install both technologies at different critical control points (CCPs) on the same production line.

To aid decision-making, the paper includes a simple flow chart, as well as a table summarising the key differences between the technologies.

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