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Tips and Tricks

Laboratory Maintenance Checklist

Tips and Tricks

Protect Yourself and Your Data by Maintaining a Clean Lab

Keeping lab spaces clean and organized is essential to the data-generation process. It simplifies workflows by ensuring that necessary materials and equipment are at hand. It also enables quicker reactions when problems arise by making anomalies easier to spot.

While every research group has its methods and strategies best practices, our guidance can help with planning.

Our checklist includes suggestions about PPE and instrument cleaning procedures, routine testing resources, service, and training. Improve your efficiency and reduce risks to researchers and results—download the checklist now.

Profit from recommendations on establishing guidelines to:

  • Safely discard old materials
  • Clean and decontaminate spaces and equipment
  • Monitor instrument performance through routine testing and regular service visits
  • Practice good data hygiene
  • And more!