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Legal-for-Trade, In-Motion Rail Weighing Saves Time


Legal-for-trade rail weighing can be done with static systems, but the same results are now possible in a fraction of the time. Coupled-in-motion (CIM) rail scales enable quick legal-for-trade weighing while cargo keeps moving. These scales can be equipped with POWERCELL® PDX® load cells, which offer unmatched reliability and accuracy.

Legal-for-Trade, In-Motion Rail Weighing Saves Time
Legal-for-Trade, In-Motion Rail Weighing Saves Time

Coupled-in-motion (CIM) rail weighing systems have many benefits. These systems are capable of capturing legal-for-trade weights for individual rail cars while the train remains coupled and travels over the scale at speeds up to 10 km/h (6 mph). Time savings over static weighing can be enormous, eliminating the need to stop, uncouple, weigh and then recouple each rail car.  What once took hours can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

These systems also save money by requiring fewer staff members to facilitate weighing operations. In some cases, CIM systems can be fully automated and even solar powered in remote locations. Further savings are the result of using less fuel to move and stop each car as required by static weighing.

Finally, coupled-in-motion rail scales are now available equipped with POWERCELL PDX technology. POWERCELL PDX load cells have revolutionized heavy capacity weighing with a long list of advanced features to ensure scale accuracy and reliability. Vehicle weighing applications all over the world have proven their performance in some of the most demanding environments on earth.

CIM rail weighing from METTLER TOLEDO offers a winning combination of efficiency, savings, accuracy and reliability. Contact METTLER TOLEDO to learn more about making coupled-in-motion weighing a part of your rail operations.

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