Basic training course in DMA thermal analysis (English)
Seminarer trening

One day basic training course in DMA (English)

Seminarer trening

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce their series of one-day training courses, which are designed to familiarize users with thermal analysis theory, technology and applications. Each course can be booked individually allowing you to select one or more topics that best suit your interests and needs.

One day basic training course in DMA (English)
One day basic training course in DMA (English)

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) is used to measure the mechanical properties of viscoelastic materials under stress.

In this course, the advantages of the 4 main deformation modes (bending, shear, tension and compression) are highlighted and discussed. Finally, the course also offers important advice for how to interpret DMA measurements.


  • Introduction to DMA
  • Overview of the 4 main measurement modes
  • How to set up a DMA experiment
  • Interpretation of DMA effects
  • FAQs
March 22, 8.30 to 17:00 (EN)
March 22, 8.30 to 17:00 (EN), CET
Course language: English
Online: Course fee: 450.- CHF
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