M400 Type 2 ISM Transmitter

Transmitter M400 4-Wire, Pharmaceutical

Digital Measurement & Sensor Diagnostics

The multi-parameter M400 Type 2 ISM transmitter works with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology to provide advanced sensor diagnostics when measuring pH / ORP, conductivity, oxygen, and CO2. It meets the needs of pharmaceutical producers.

Predictive Sensor Diagnostics
ISM technology informs users when to replace, maintain or calibrate sensors. This reduces unplanned downtime and probe failure during a batch process.

Robust Design for Process Industries
For clean environments, the unique hybrid of touch & key interfaces offers solid operation in applications even where gloves are required.

Flexible and Consistent Platform
One multi-parameter transmitter platform can be used for a number of measurements, reducing inventory for customer and simplifying user training.

M400 Type 2 ISM Transmitter
Specificaties - Transmitter M400 4-Wire, Pharmaceutical
Parameter pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, CO₂
Sensortype ISM
ISM Plug and Measure, Predictive Diagnostics (DLI, ACT, TTM), iMonitor
Power supply 100 to 240 VAC , 20 to 30 VDC
Stroomuitgangen 4 x 0 / 4 to 20 mA, 22 mA alarm
Relays 4
Digital input 2
PID-controller 1
User Interface 4.0" TFT touchscreen plus 4 soft keys
USB-interface Printer, data logging, loading or saving configuration from/to USB stick
Protection IP66 NEMA 4X
Communicatie HART®
Classificatie van explosiegevaarlijke omgevingen ATEX Zone 2, CSA Cl1 Div2
Goedkeuringen en certificaten CE, UL, ATEX Zone 2, CSA Cl1 Div2, FM Cl1 Div2
Materiaalnummer(s) 30490172

Features and Benefits:

Advanced ISM for process control
ISM's advanced sensor diagnostics adjust in real time to changes in process conditions. The HART communication protocol provides seamless integration of sensor diagnostics into process control systems.
Advanced ISM for process control
Plug and Measure
Sensors can be accurately pre-calibrated in a workshop with our iSense software tool and stored for later use. When connected to the transmitter, calibration data are automatically uploaded and the system is ready to measure in an instant.
Plug and Measure
Fast and Intuitive Navigation
The touchscreen interface with easy-to-use menu structure makes the transmitter simple to learn and operate. This results in time savings in both training and day-to-day operation.
Use where hand protection is required
Easy Configuration with Software Tool
The Transmitter Configuration Tool enables you to configure the transmitter via PC then transfer the configuration among transmitters. It simplifies setup and enhances efficiency for batch configurations.
Easy configuration with software tool



Data Sheet for M400 Multi-parameter Transmitter Series
Durable in process, smart in analytics M400 multi-parameter transmitter.
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Transmitter M400 4-Wire, Pharmaceutical
USP Class VI


Ontvang uw offerte
Transmitter M400 4-Wire, Pharmaceutical
USP Class VI
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