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Immersion Sensor Housings

Process Adaptions Designed for Open Vessels

An immersion housing is a cost-effective, rugged piece of hardware that provides a secure way for a sensor to be integrated into open tanks and channels. METTLER TOLEDO offers the InDip immersion housing series with efficient sensor mounting, durable materials and various immersion depths to meet your application needs. These immersion sensor holders are suited for pH, DO, conductivity and turbidity measurements and designed to withstand harsh application environments.

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What is an immersion housing?

An immersion housing is a piece of hardware that is installed in open tanks, reactors, aeration basins and open vessels. These housings can be integrated with 120 mm pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and turbidity sensors. InDip immersion housings are designed to provide cost-effective, yet rugged sensor integration.

What METTLER TOLEDO immersion housing models are available?

The InDip 500 immersion housing series by METTLER TOLEDO is designed to provide a cost-effective, yet rugged process connection with the flexibility to meet the wide variety of installation requirements found in open tanks, reactors, aeration basins and open vessels.

How can I remove build-up from a sensor in an immersion housing?

Integrating an InDip immersion housing with an EasyClean 100 sensor rinsing system provides completely automatic rinsing of your analytical sensor. The EasyClean 100 can use either water rinsing or compressed air to create turbulence to remove stubborn build-up.