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Jacketed Reactor

Jacketed Reactor

Automated Jacketed Lab Reactor Control

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Jacketed Reactor in the Laboratory
Laboratory Reactor Data
Unattended Experiment Control with Touchscreen
Process Development and Optimization
Jacketed Lab Reactor Automated Synthesis Reactors
Crystallization Workstation

Producten en specs

Specifications for Automated Lab Reactor Control

Producten en specs
Supported Thermostats
Supported Stirrer Motors
SmartConnect poort
Afmetingen (LxHxB)


Documents For Automated Lab Reactor Control


RX-10 Reactor Control
RX-10 provides an interface connecting any types and volumes of jacketed reactors to cryostats, thermostats, stirrer motors, and sensors. This allows...

Bijbehorende producten en oplossingen

EasyMax 102 Basic Thermostat System
EasyMax 102 Basic synthese-werkstation voor de organische chemicus
EasyMax 402 Basic Synthesis Workstation
The EasyMax 402 Basic personal parallel synthesis workstation allows chemists to develop innovative chemistry on the 100-400ml scale and run reactions...
EasyMax 102 Advanced Thermostat system
EasyMax 102 Advanced Synthesis Workstation for Chemical and Process Development
EasyMax 402 Thermostat System
EasyMax 402 Advanced Synthesis Workstation for Chemical and Process Development


Software iControl Single Instrument
iControl EasyMax/OptiMax/RX-10 Eén licentie
iC Data Center
iC Data Center for OM/EM/RX-10-1 Year


Chemical Synthesis
Chemical synthesis occurs when two or more molecules are combined to form a product molecule that possesses specific properties. There are numerous ex...
Massaoverdracht en reactiesnelheid
Mengen is de reductie of eliminatie van de inhomogeniteit van fasen die hetzij mengbaar of niet-mengbaar zijn. Opschaling en optimalisatie van het pro...


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