iC Data Center Software | Capture, Prepare, Share Experimental Data

iC Data Center

Capture, Prepare, Share.iC Data Center for OM/EM/RX-10-1 Year

Streamline Data Sharing

Ensure that all experiment data is automatically captured from local instruments, prepared into useful formats, and shared on a central file store.

Unlimited Office Copies and D2i Modules

All users can run iC software to design, analyze, and report experiments in their office as well as use the latest D2i (Data to information) modules.

Enjoy iCare Benefits

iC site licenses include iCare coverage on all supported iC instrument software to keep all systems up-to-date and ensure full compatibility.

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Specificaties - iC Data Center
iC Data Center™
Registreert proeven van iControl, iC analysesoftware en instrumenten met aanraakscherm
1 yr


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iC Data Center
iC Data Center is a powerful tool that improves productivity for the researcher while facilitating knowledge management for the organization.

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iC Data Center