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IND780 Q.iMPACT Material Transfer Controller

The next generation of optimized feed control

Increase throughput up to 30% and improve feed accuracy up to 90%

The Q.iMPACT material transfer control option maximizes the potential of the sophisticated and powerful IND780 weighing terminal. With the addition of this advanced material transfer software from METTLER TOLEDO, the terminal becomes the ideal controller to master the feed measurement, management and cutoff portion of batching, blending, filling, dosing or formulation processes. The second-generation Q.iMPACT application combines years of excellence in material transfer control with the processing power, advanced user interface and TaskExpert™ programming flexibility of the IND780 terminal.

Sophisticated Material Transfer Control for Optimum Manufacturing Performance and Best Practices:

Feed the Exact Amount of Material in the Shortest Amount of Time, Every TimeQ.iMPACT’s patented Predictive Adaptive Control algorithms build a real-time mathematical model for each material transfer, learning and compensating automatically for natural process variations in every material transfer operation.
The IND780 Q.iMPACT combines advanced material transfer control with measurements from scales, flow meters and load cell systems. Multiple fieldbus options allow the Q.iMPACT controller to integrate seamlessly with leading PLC and DCS control systems. The IND780’s crisp color monitor and intuitive interface provide the ideal platform for Q.iMPACT. As many as 20 terminals can be clustered, controlling as many as 198 measurements to:
  • Improve material feed accuracy
  • Increase manufacturing capacity
  • Minimize production cost
  • Ensure best practices regardless of host PLC or DCS platform

The IND780 Q.iMPACT terminal features:   

  • Patented auto-tuning capability with exclusive feed algorithms – proactively corrects for material feed variation during each feed
  • Overlapping Feeds and single speed, on-off control – significantly reduce capital expenditures
  • Batching, blending, filling, dosing & formulation processes – all benefit from the advanced Q.iMPACT material transfer control
  • Flexible terminal clustering and systems comprising up to 198 scale and flow meter combinations – match any system size, ready for system expansion
  • Significantly reduce costly raw material over-feed and unacceptable raw material over-feed – reduce off-spec product and bring new products to market more quickly with Q.i
  • Up to 999 configurable material pathsper IND780 terminal – for system flexibility, ease of expansion and rapid product testing and evaluation
  • Dedicated PC-based configuration tool – eases set-up and configuration of scales, flow meters, load cell systems and process I/0
  • Multiple field bus options – connect to any popular PLC or DCS platform, with common Q.iMPACT advanced feed control




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  • Powerful auto-tuning capability corrects for material and system variability during each feed
  • Configurable two-speed feed with PAC algorithm for slow feed and auto-jog function to correct out-of-tolerance feeds
  • Flexible terminal clustering enables systems comprising up to 198 scale and flow meter combinations, with remote diagnostics capability for maximum efficiency
  • Up to 999 configurable material paths per IND780 terminal for system flexibility, ease of expansion and rapid product testing and evaluation
  • Dedicated PC-based configuration tool eases set-up and facilitates back-up and restoration of configuration data
  • Embedded web server for easy access to control and data
  • Multiple fieldbus options give freedom to choose PLC or DCS platforms, and maintain optimum material transfer
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IND780 Q.iMPACT Material Transfer Controller
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