Analytical Chemistry UserCom 21. DNA & RNA Quantification and Other Analytical Applications

Analytical Chemistry UserCom 21


Titration, pH, Density & Refractometry, Melting & Dropping Point, UV/vis Spectrophotometry

RNA quantification
RNA quantification

UserCom showcases special solutions for key applications across multiple industries. It contains customer stories, application know-how, expert tips for advanced users, and updated information on new products. The "Focus" section concerns current topics in good manufacturing practices, such as data integrity and the electronic management of data, as required in regulated environments.

Published annually from Mettler-Toledo Analytical GmbH, UserCom includes titration, density, refractometry, melting/dropping point and UV/vis applications and expert knowledge.

UserCom 21 Contents:

Case study

Quantification of biomolecules with UV5Nano.

The Pharmaceutical Biosciences laboratory at the University of Oslo analyzes up to 300 samples of biomolecules every day with the aim of developing a treatment for a bacterial disease in fish. To do so the research group uses different kits to prepare DNA, RNA, and protein samples. The quantification of RNA and other biomolecules is then performed with the predefined Bio Applications in the direct measurement mode available on the UV5Nano instrument. An example of RNA measurements in adult zebra fish is included in the article.


  • Multiple standard addition for ion analysis in the food industry
  • Michaelis–Menten kinetics of β-Galactosidase with UV5Bio
  • Thermometric titration of acid number in crude oil
  • Boiling point, cloud point and slip melting point determinations

Expert tips

  • Analyzing unknown kinetics measurements with 3D graphs
  • Density determination: syringe vs. SC1
  • A statistical assessment of softening point methods

Product Highlight

  • Simply LabX®  – support every step of the way
  • Automatic Multiparameter Analyses with LabX®

New Products

  • Thermotrode™
  • SevenExcellence™ and InMotion™ autosampler
  • Multitasking with the SevenCompact™ Duo
  • The enhanced MP55 and MP80
  • One Click™ melting point determination
  • UV/VIS spectroscopy workflows with GUVP™
  • New UV/VIS updates
Download this document to learn more about various analytical applications including DNA and RNA quantification using UV/VIS spectrophotometry.
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