Pharmaceutical Water Best Practices

Purity of Pharmaceutical Water

Ensuring the Purity of Pharmaceutical Water

Pharmaceutical Water Best Practices
Pharmaceutical Water Best Practices

This best practice collection from Pharmaceutical Technology discusses the purity of pharmaceutical water. It includes two case studies. The first explains how for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, on-line bioburden measurement provides process control and real-time monitoring of water quality. The case concerns a leading biotechnology company and how it improved their processes with METTLER TOLEDO Thornton’s on-line 7000RMS™Microbial Detection Analyzer.

Furthermore, the best practice collection discusses that to prevent bacterial growth, pharmaceutical-grade water systems require precise monitoring and control of TOC. A European producer of pure water systems trusts on-line Thornton instrumentation for ensuring customers of consistent water quality.

 Further topics covered in this best practices collection are:

  • Understanding USP <1231> Water for Pharmaceutical Use; A discussion of various water types, as defined by the United States Pharmacopeia.
  • Testing Water for Pharmaceutical Use; USP <1231> describes analytical and microbiology testing required for different types of pharmaceutical water

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