Weighing and Dimensioning for Pallet Processing – METTLER TOLEDO
Pallet DWS

Weighing and Measuring Doesn't Need to be Time Consuming

With a seamlessly integrated solution, efficiency is kept high. Reduce the number of steps required to capture pallet data for costing, revenue recovery and load planning.

  • Driver scans ID from picking list
  • Driver triggers dimensioner from inside the truck
  • Dimensions, weight and ID are seamlessly merged
  • Data is transferred automatically to the server

Ensure Uptime While Keeping Cost of Ownership Low

Dimensioning and weighing solutions are designed for use in fast-paced freight handling environments. No external moving parts mean dimensioners require little maintenance, and the three-point suspension of our forklift scales helps to hold calibration without the need for regular shimming.

  • Rugged and robust equipment
  • No moving dimensioner parts
  • Forklift scale holds calibration for up to 12 months
  • Systems keep working when others break down

Seamlessly Integrate Data from Multiple Systems

Dimensioners, scales and barcode readers communicate seamlessly with each other, giving you instant visi­bility into your processes. Data is merged, stored and transferred onto a SmartPC, eliminating the need for any additional terminal or hardware to be mounted on your forklift truck.

  • Pallet measurements captured by overhead dimensioner
  • Weight automatically recorded by forklift scale
  • Pallet ID method of your choice
  • Images taken by image capture feature and stored for easy recall

Weigh and Measure in Tough Environments

A robust and rugged floor scale design allows for weighing in demanding conditions. Heavy duty scale guards protect the scale from damage in high throughput environments while the dimensioner measures the freight.

  • System downtime is minimized
  • Simple system set-up
  • Flexibility for your application