Combine weighing and visual proof with InVision<sup>TM</sup> - METTLER TOLEDO
InVision Weighing

The smart algorithms of InVisionTM combine weighing and picture capture for easy handling and error-free operation – and even improve with use! Connecting InVisionTM directly to production and ERP systems creates full data visibility and visual proof of successful order fulfilment.

InVision Weighing
InVision Weighing

Breakthrouhgh bench scale innovation

InVisionTM is able to identify parts that are very similar in weight or appearance by using both weighing technology and camera recognition. Improve your kitting operations and reduce out-of-box failures!

Achieve 100% quality kits

Zero missing parts is a reality with InVisionTM as your second set of eyes on every package. When you reduce the risk of human error in manual proceses you can achieve 100% quality kits and maximize customer satisfaction. 

Increase productivity up to 30%

InVisionTM combines guided working steps, intuitive process verification and smart workstation design, leading to increased operator efficiency. See improvements in productivity by up to 30% and get more out of your processes.

Connected workstations improve operational transparency

Benefit from automatic data and picture capture with every kit. Send this information directly to your connected ERP or MES for simplified track and trace capabilities.

InVision Weighing
InVision Weighing

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