If accurate and reliable basic weighing is what you need, the ICS425 scales effectively handle simple applications. These durable scales were designed with prolonged use in industrial environments in mind.
With its rugged die-cast aluminum housings, overload protection, robust foil keypad and the dust-proof IP65-protected terminal, durability is a hallmark of the ICS425 scales.
ICS425 scales are designed for quick weighing in your environment, with a variety of ergonomic positions to choose from, easy scale set-up and up to 15 hours of mobile operation.

Specifications - ICS425d-10SM PSTD
Maximum Capacity 5.0 kg / 10.0 kg
Readability 1 g / 2 g
Readability Approved 1 g / 2 g
Height 95mm - 105mm / 3.8" -4.2" (adjustable)
Load plate material chrome-nickel steel
Scale material aluminum diecast
Dimensions Load cell (LxWxH) 364mm x 247mm/14.3" x 9.7"
Keypad Tactile-touch membrane keypad (PET), Scratch-resistant material
Display LCD liquid crystal graphical display with backlighting
Data Interfaces Standard: 1 RS232 plus 1 additional data interface: RS232, RS422/485, USB device /host, Ethernet, WLAN, Digital I/O, digital or analog 2nd scale
Degree of protection IP54
Suitable platforms / weigh modules all analog weighing platforms
Platform size 240mm x 200mm / 9.4" x 7.9"


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