X36 Series Bulk| X-ray Inspection for Loose Bulk-Flow Food Products

X36 Series Bulk

Innovative Bulk Solution Designed for loose bulk-flow food products, the X36 Series Bulk x-ray system offers outstanding contaminant detection before further value is added to the product, saving costs.

Minimising Product Waste
A choice of reject devices, from multiple scoop to air blast nozzles, offer a range of solutions depending on the application needs.

Reduced Running Costs
The advanced detector technology enables lower power x-ray generation offering reduced power consumption and running costs.

Hygienic Design
Class-leading hygienic design following GMP, NFS and EHEDG principles with IP69 as standard and an innovative design enabling full cleaning access.


X36 Bulk Series X-ray Inspection

X36 Series Bulk Variant Specification Table

Casing Material

Stainless Steel
Ingress ProtectionFull IP69 high pressure wash-down protection
Conveyor Speed Typical line speeds 20-60 m/min
Infeed Options Flexible infeed: Hopper or end-fed option
Throughput RateTypical throughput rates of up to 14,000 kg/hour
Maximum Product Layer 550mm (W) x 30mm (H), dependent on product
Screen Display15.6” TFT (16:9 aspect ratio)
Operating Temperature5 - 40°C
Pneumatic SupplyMinimum 6 Bar(g) clean air supply required
Belt TrackingAutomatic pneumatic tracking and tensioning
X-ray Detector0.8mm diodes, 600mm width
X-ray Generator100W, 84kV, 1.2mA Beryllium
X-ray Emissions< 1uSv/hr
Reject TypeSix lane scoops or seven lane air-blast options
System ConveyorFDA and EU food use approved TPU conveyor belt

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X36 Series Bulk Variant Features and Benefits

Intuitive Software
The X36 Series Bulk Variant's intuitive software monitors the system’s overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), providing relevant information to the customer in order to make improvements to machine.
Hygienic Design
Sloped surfaces and curved edges minimise bacteria traps and allow water to run off, enabling quick and effective cleaning with minimal downtime. IP69 as standard for harsh wash-down environments.
High Throughputs
The X36 Series Bulk Variant is capable of inspecting throughputs up to 14,000kg/hour (depending on product depth and density), ensuring food safety whilst maximising line efficiencies.
Multi-Lane Reject Devices
Specially developed multi-lane scoop and air blast reject devices are available, which accurately remove a smaller amount of contaminated product, reducing waste and saving costs.
Multiple Connectivity Options
The X36 Series Bulk Variant can also be connected to a manufacturer's network, giving authorised personnel the ability to store and analyse inspection and performance data from a remote location.




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5 Year Generator Warranty

5 Year Generator Warranty
Safeguarding the Heart of Your X-ray System

Service Care Packages

Service Offerings

5 Year X-ray Generator Warranty
All METTLER TOLEDO X-Series x-ray system generators come with a five-year warranty when a service contract is purchased.
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X36 Series Bulk
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