X33 Bulk Flow| X-ray Inspection for Unpackaged Food in Bulk Format

X33 Bulk Flow

Outstanding Bulk Inspection The X33 Series Bulk Variant x-ray system provides exceptional contamination detection in unpackaged products in a bulk flow format. Inspecting up to 5,000kg of product per hour.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
A 20W generator offers a reduction of operating power of up to 20%, achieving outstanding detection results.

Ensuring Food Safety
Contaminants are rejected into a lockable reject bin, minimising waste, ensuring food safety and providing due diligence.

Hygienic Design
Easy access to all machine areas with no hidden bug traps, ensuring maximum uptime. IP69 comes as standard for harsh wash-down environments.

X33 Series Bulk Flow

X33 Bulk Series Specification Table

Casing Material

304 stainless steel
Ingress Protection Full IP69 high pressure wash-down protection
Conveyor Speed Typical line speeds 20- 40 m/min
Infeed OptionsFlexible infeed: Hopper or end-fed option
Throughput RateTypical throughput rates of up to 5,000 kg/hour
Maximum Product Layer 350mm (W) x 30mm (H), dependent on product
Screen Display10.1” TFT (16:9 aspect ratio)
Operating Temperature5 - 40°C
Pneumatic SupplyMinimum 6 Bar(g) clean air supply required
Belt TrackingAutomatic pneumatic tracking and tensioning
X-ray Detector0.8mm diodes, 400mm width
X-ray Generator20W, 84kV, 0.25mA Beryllium
X-ray Emissions< 1uSv/hr
Reject TypeTwo/Four lane scoops
System ConveyorFDA and EU food use approved TPU conveyor belt

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X33 Bulk Series Features and Benefits

User Friendly Interface
The software is sophisticated, yet simple to use. It is icon driven and features touch and scroll.

Reject Mechanism
Two or Four lane scoop and seven lane air blast options are available to minimise product waste, suitable for a wide range of product types and throughput speeds.

Troughed Belt
A troughed belt retains the bulk product on the belt, minimising spilage and improving the transport of the product at a constant depth.
Hygienic Design
Easy access to all machine areas with no hidden bug traps, ensuring maximum uptime. IP69 comes as standard for harsh washdown environments.
Data management software options deliver a wealth of real time information to  production management, enabling the effective control of product inspection processes and devices.




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X33 Series Bulk Variant X-ray System

X33 Series Bulk Variant X-ray System
The X33 Series Bulk Variant marries advanced hygienic design with next generation x-ray technology to bring bulk food manufacturers a world-class product inspection solution.
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5 Year Generator Warranty

5 Year Generator Warranty
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5 Year X-ray Generator Warranty
All METTLER TOLEDO X-Series x-ray system generators come with a five-year warranty when a service contract is purchased.
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X33 Bulk Flow
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