What does food quality management software do?

Quality Management software

Food quality management software, such as ProdX™ by METTLER TOLEDO, automatically records product inspection equipment data such as testing routines, rejected items, and quality relevant incidents. Using this kind of advanced monitoring and record keeping functionality supports compliance with current food safety standards, legislation, and regulations.

ProdX™ food quality inspection management software supports regulatory compliance with the following international standards:


ProdX™ also keeps up to date with emerging standards, future-proofing production lines and maintaining high levels of compliance.

What are the benefits of ProdX QMS software for the food industry?

with and without ProdX Data Management Software

QMS software - also known as Quality Management System software - provides manufacturers digitalized management of their inspection data.

ProdX™ - a quality inspection data management software by METTLER TOLEDO - combines many features and benefits in one Manufacturing Execution System (MES). ProdX™ offers an integrated MES / ERP interface (OPC UA Server) to simplify network integration and support Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory global initiatives. 

With ProdX™ Food Safety and Quality Management Software:

  • Each device is connected to ProdX™ using a single standard protocol
  • Checkweighers from other manufacturers (3rd party checkweighers) can be connected to the system
  • ProdX™ only needs to be connected once
  • New METTLER TOLEDO device connection is seamless
  • All device data can be made instantly available to the SCADA / MES / ERP using an in-built OPC-UA server

Without ProdX™ Food Safety and Quality Management Software:

  • Each inspection device is separately connected to the network
  • Each device may require using different connectivity protocols
  • Each device must be separately configured
  • Data available to the SCADA / MES is limited

What is quality inspection data management software?

The ideal quality inspection software for data management is designed to help manufacturers monitor and properly store their product inspection data, satisfying global and local quality and compliance requirements. It can streamline record-keeping through digitalization, allowing multiple devices to be monitored from one location. It should also offer backup cloud storage in the event of an outage. An inspection data management system should be able to reduce the complexity of data management and monitoring, support the growing demand for remote audit capabilities, and provide complete traceability.

ProdX™ Software is a complete inspection data management and connectivity software solution for METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection devices across a wide range of manufacturing industries. The advanced data redundancy capabilities and communication architecture make it seamlessly scalable from single device installations up to multi-site and multiple time zone international installations.

What is OPC UA, and what are the benefits?

OPC UA stands for "Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture". OPC UA is an industrial communication standard, which ensures the open connectivity, inter-operability, security, and reliability of industrial automation devices and systems.

OPC UA is widely recognized as the key communication and data modeling technology for the Industry 4.0 initiative. It works with many software platforms, is completely scalable, and has been widely adopted by several industries because of its flexibility.

The Benefits of OPC UA:

  • Global open platform standard
  • It’s independent and belongs to no single entity
  • Provides an extensive data model which easily integrates with new technologies
  • It is a secure system for managing access, authentication, validation, and encryption
  • It’s a cost-effective way to connect IIoT

What type of product inspection equipment can be managed by food safety and quality management software?

ProdX™ food safety and quality management software supports over 30 different product inspection device models from METTLER TOLEDO. These include metal detectioncheckweighingx-ray inspectionvision inspection and combination systems, from legacy devices up to the newest and all future generations. 

ProdX™ also has the capability of connecting to third party checkweigher equipment.