Hygienic pH Probe | Hygienic pH Sensor | Autoclavable pH Probe
Hygienic pH Probe for Sterile Applications

Hygienic pH Probe for Sterile Applications

Sterilizable pH Probes and redox (ORP) probes with liquid, gel and polymer electrolytes

Hygienic pH Probes and Hygienic ORP Probes for Sterile Applications

METTLER TOLEDO's sterilizable and hygienic design pH/redox probes are highly pressure and temperature resistant, making them an excellent choice fo...

METTLER TOLEDO's sterilizable and hygienic design pH/redox probes are highly pressure and temperature resistant, making them an excellent choice for Biopharma and Food and Beverage applications where SIP and CIP are frequently performed. These sensors require little maintenance as they do not need refilling.

Probes with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) enable operators to perform pre-batch diagnostics. These tools assess a sensor prior to its use leading to increased measurement reliability and process safety. In conjunction with iSense software for ISM sensors, seamless and completely automated traceability is easily available.

Puncture electrodes from METTLER TOLEDO feature a rugged needle-shaped glass membrane for direct penetration into the medium. As such they are the ideal choice for quick and accurate pH measurement in fruits as well as meat and dairy products.

Sterilizable For Use With SIP and CIP
Reproducible and Accurate in Pharma, Biotech & Food
Flexibility for Unique Applications


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Application Note: Optimized Control of Sour Water in Petrochemical Applications
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