ReactIR Continuous Flow FTIR Analyzer

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ReactIR Continuous Flow Analyzer

FTIR Analyzer for Continuous Flow Chemistry Applications

Researchers are increasingly using continuous flow chemistry to develop new reactions and processes with increased specificity, yield and product quality. Optimization of this work is often challenging as offline analytical techniques, such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), cannot provide fast enough informa­tion to optimize the reaction in real time. A dedicated ReactIR Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) instrument for in-situ, real-time monitoring of continuous flow chemistry, enables researchers to save valuable time and materials when screening and optimizing their reactions.

Examples of ReactIR value in continuous flow chemistry include:

  • Oxazole formation
  • Fluorination reaction
  • Accurate control of reagent addition in multi-step segmented flow processes
  • Analysis of a continuous process for alkene ozonolysis
FlowIR for Continuous Flow Chemistry
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Specifications - ReactIR Continuous Flow Analyzer
For Use In
Optical Range (Base Unit)
4000 - 800 cm-1
Purge Requirement
4 cm -1 maximum
Probe Optical Window
4000 - 650cm-1 (Micro Flow Cell)
4000 – 650 cm-1 (Sentinel)
2500 – 650 cm-1 maximum (Fiber Probe)
Probe Pressure (Maximum)
69bar (6.3 & 9.5mm Fiber Probe)
206bar (Sentinel)
35bar (Micro Flow Cell)
9.2 lb (4.2 kg)
Probe Temperature (Maximum)
180°C (Fiber Probe)
60°C (Micro Flow Cell)
300°C (Sentinel)
Wetted Materials
Diamond or Silicon
Alloy C-22
Gold or PTFE
Probe pH Range
1 – 9 (Silicon)
1 – 14 (Diamond)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
4 in x 8.1 in x 9.2 in (100 mm x 206 mm x 234 mm)
Laser Safety Certification
IEC 60825 (CE), 21 CFR 1040 (US)
Safety Certification
NRTL/C: UL 61010-1, CSA 22.2 No. 61010-1, EN 61326
CE: EN/IEC 61010-1:2012, IEC 61326


Flow Chemistry Documentation

Data Sheets

ReactIR Sampling Technology
ReactIR in situ sampling technology assures usability in a wide range of batch and continuous reaction conditions.
iC IR Software Datasheet
Use spectroscopic data to increase chemical understanding and knowledge of the chemical process and associated critical parameters.
ReactIR Instrument Performance Assurance (IPA) Module
Validate ReactIR wavenumber accuracy and calibrate to a Polystyrene standard certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) fo...


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Continuous flow chemistry opens options with exothermic synthetic steps that are not possible in batch reactors, and new developments in flow reactor...
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iC IR Software
iC IR is used by chemists and engineers to gain important insight into reaction initiation, endpoint, mechanism, pathway, and kinetics.


Accessories for ReactIR For Continuous Flow Chemistry


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ReactIR Continuous Flow Analyzer